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Corrieri's Cafe


Corrieri's Cafe is a local institution.   Owned by the same family for decades.

It's great for pizzas plus fish and chips.

Located 10 minute walk from the house. Always best to book a table as it can be very busy.

Nick's on Henderson Street is located in Bridge of Allan.   Two miles from the house.    It's celebrity chef Nick Nairns latest bistro / cafe serving food all day.

William Wallace Bar


Nicks on Henderson Street


The William Wallace Bar is a 10 minute walk from the house.   It's a great place to meet locals and visiting tourists.

The Birds and the Bees Pub and Restaurant is a 15 minute walk from the house.  In the summer has a great beer garden to watch the sunset.  Can be very busy, always best to book a table.

Birds and the Bees Pub and Restaurant


Unorthodox Roaster


Unorthodox Roaster serves lovely coffee. Situated in the town centre on Friars Street. (25 minute walk from house).  If the weather is nice, there is a wee hidden outdoor seating area through the back of the building to chill out for hours.

Curly Coo Bar

Curly Coo Bar is owned by Mandy, who serves a vast selection of whisky.   Located just off the main town centre on Barnton Street (20 minute walk from the house)


No 2 Baker Street Pub


No 2 Baker Street Pub is in the town centre.

Its a busy pub serving the usual range of drinks and food plus usually has live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.  Can get busy.

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